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Dr. Philip R. Austin, P.E.

One of the World’s Foremost
Cleanroom and Contamination
Control Experts and Consultants

Author of Seven Cleanroom
Textbooks Including the
Encyclopedia of Cleanrooms


Solutions to Cleanroom Design, Operation, and Contamination Control Problems

The Cleanroom is a Tool of Production Not Just an Environmental Facility

The More Efficiency....The Greater the Production

  • Design Through Production
  • Better Operational Value
Dr. Philip R. Austin, P.E. : Internationally Recognized Authority, Consultant, and Lecturer on Cleanrooms, Bio-Cleanrooms, Aseptic Areas, and Contamination Control

Dr. Philip R. Austin, P.E. is known as the Thomas Edison of Cleanrooms. He wrote the first Standard for Cleanrooms over 45 years ago in the USAF Technical Order 00-25-203 and set up the cleanroom classification system which we use today i.e. Class 100,000, 10,000, 1,000 etc. This system, with his help, became Federal Standard 209 and which now is part of the ISO 14644-1 Class 1 through 8 Classification system. You call your cleanroom a “Class 10,000 or other Classification” because of Doctor Austin’s work.

He changed the playing field for cleanrooms. His Cold War USAF Top Secret Dark Project emerged as the revolution in cleanrooms (laminar flow) and cleaning technology. He has been involved in 1000’s of cleanrooms from the early NASA cleanrooms, USAF cleanrooms as well as those of prominent companies, as an example utlizing cleanrooms for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, advanced semiconductors and injection molding. Dr. Austin is readily available as a consultant to your company. His consultations, instruction, and recommendations, have saved these organizations many millions of dollars over the years. You can’t afford not to have his information and guidance on your next or current project.

His background is one of high achievement having written the first of his six textbooks on cleanrooms starting 1964 with Design and Operation of Clean Rooms . His latest 1000 page book with 1500 color photos is titled, Encyclopedia of Cleanrooms, Bio-Cleanrooms and Aseptic Areas. These are the Bibles of the cleanroom industry.

To receive the best consulting available, you would hire the most
prestigious person (i.e. VonBraun, Salk, Einstein, Pasteur, Edison,
Goddard, Marconi, etc.) in their field, whether it is for medical device design, injection molding equipment design, new cancer drug
development, etc. Doesn’t it stand to reason that you should also seek
out the world’s most prominent engineer and scientist (an actual
rocket scientist) on cleanrooms and contamination control problems as your mentor and consultant?

Dr. Austin has been the driving force behind hundreds of inventions and innovations for over 45 years. His work has changed the face of cleanrooms and contamination control worldwide for almost a half century. Whether you operate in the USA, Europe, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Central America or South America, you are using and interacting with his cleanroom work.

When you use Dr. Austin’s services, all the inventions and innovations that are discussed as a result of that conference are your property completely. You paid the fee for his work, you deserve the benefits of it.

Dr. Austin, who is a Registered Professional Engineer and a legal expert witness, owes allegiance to no equipment manufacturer or supplier. His company manufactures no products and is not a distributor of cleanroom products. His company is purely a service provider. See associated websites , and

His fee schedule is that of a professional service provider and is flexible based on the length of engagement whether it is by the hour, day or days. His fee will be discussed and negotiated prior to his engagement. A purchase order is requested. A non-disclosure agreement between Dr. Austin and your company also makes good business sense.

Dr. Austin will emphasize that many groups have the wrong orientation about clean facilities. Their perspective is that a clean facility is an environmentally controlled space. What they do not realize is that it really is a tool of production with environmental values. When a tool is designed properly, it increases productivity. His goal is to provide you with the highest productivity tool (cleanroom) for the lowest initial and follow-up operating costs. The higher the productivity----the lower unit cost--- the more profit.



The companies and organizations noted for excellence, trust Doctor Austin for the best in instruction in cleanroom design and operation. The flowing is a partial list of companies that he has provided services to.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Abbott Labs
  • Eli Lilly
  • NASA
  • Xebec
  • Intel
  • Medtronic
  • Boston Scientific
  • Guidant
  • Hayes Lemmerz
  • TRW
  • Ford
  • United States Air Force
  • Hospira
  • Motorola
  • IBM

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Internationally Recognized Cleanroom Authority, Consultant, Expert Witness, and Lecturer on Cleanrooms, Bio-Cleanrooms, Aseptic Areas, and Contamination Control.

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